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All of our Olives (Kalamata, Lonian green, Amfissa, cracked green Atalanti and Manzanilla) are imported from Greece Spain and Italy. Our Olives are stored in a 25 gallon Oak Barrel. We've added a small amount of Carrots,Gherkin Pickles, Pepperoncinis, Bell Peppers, Habanero, Ghost, Carolina Reaper & Trinidad Scorpion Peppers; which marinates for up to 3 months before they're ready for sale.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary!


This item is Extremely HOT!


Packaged in a resealable and reusable FDA approved storage bag.


We include a free sample of one of our homemade products with every order!

Inferno Di Oliva

SKU: 364215777134193
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