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Do you think apple pie and cheddar cheeses are a classic combination or a strange pairing? Your answer likely reveals where you grew up. Since we are always looking for new things to try this one was at the top of our list.


We roasted and coated Corn and Rice Chex with our Homemade Apple Pie seasoning, which included a large dose of Carolina Reaper and King Naga Peppers, We've also added dried Granny Smith and Honey Crisp Apples. 


Available with or without Cheddar Cheese


3 ounces


Our SHU ratings are noted as a reference to the specific peppers that are used in our products. 


Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary!


This item is Extremely HOT!


Packaged in a resealable and reusable FDA-approved storage bag.


We include a free sample of one of our homemade products with every order!

Heat Wave - Blistering Apple Pie Chex

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