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Warning! People who are allergic to shellfish may be allergic to insects. Insects are roasted not raw.




Challenge Edition- DÉFI DE BOGUE! So now you're a certified Chili Head who can handle almost any form of heat. You’ve eaten Hot sauces, candies, chips, snicks and snacks; but now what? DÉFI DE BOGUE was created for the Chili Head who wants to up their game! This challenge comes with three individually wrapped Milk Chocolate candy bars. All three are filled with our homemade Reaper Butter creme filling. We have crowned each Super-Hot candy bar with a delightfully juicy BUG.

  • The first Candy bar is topped with several fat Meal Worms.
  • The Second Candy Bar is topped with several roasted Crickets.
  • And Finally, the Crème de la crème! The third and final Candy Bar is crowned with two Manchurian Scorpions (or one Large) NOW HOTTER THAN THE FIRST TWO!

Do you have the stomach to finish all three; most likely. But can you finish all three with your mouth on fire?


All Three Candy Bars weigh almost a pound!


Due to higher temperatures we are now offering Thermal Insulated Bubble Mailers and an ice pack to help prevent melting. We are not responsible for melted chocolate. Please track your package to make sure that your parcel is not left in the sun or in a hot mailbox. 


There is a $4 price increase for 2XL and 3XL. We apologize but our vendor has raised their prices these sizes.

DÉFI DE BOGUE-Challenge Edition

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